Vlogmas Day 11: Creator Talk #3

Happy Sunday! You know, I really need to start my Christmas shopping lol. I started a little bit but need to finish. I was mainly waiting on what my son wanted for Christmas. He really didn’t know what he wanted and it took a while to get a list from him lol. I guess since he is getting older, it’s not so much about the toys and stuff.

Today’s video is another creator talk. I was inspired but what happened last week while I was editing a video. There are so many times of being super frustrated and wanting to give up but you never know who you are inspiring. It just feels good to get those messages that you inspired someone to just start something they were scared to do, start the YouTube channel or try something you recommended. I just wanted to inspire you to keep going, you never know who you are inspiring even if you don’t hear from them.

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