What I Did For Self Care This Week

I was about to say I didn’t do anything for myself this week but really had to think about it. I had the intention of taking a bubble bath this week and finishing my book that I’ve been struggling to read but that didn’t happen. Actually on Monday while the guys were at soccer practice, I put on some music as I was cooking and cleaning. I love listening to music and could honestly just listen to it all day if I could.

Rocking Out Adventure Time GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I feel like this a form for self care for me because I get lost in the music and forget about the troubles of the day. I’m singing, dancing and just having an amazing time. I’m starting to realize that self care should be the things you enjoy that take your mind off of whatever is happening and brings you to a place of happiness in a way. Hopefully I’ll get to that bubble bath next week but what did you do for self care lately? Let’s chat!

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