Fall Fashion List

Next to loving makeup and hair, I really love fashion. I love putting together outfits and just expressing myself through my outfits. It has been hard to really shop and rebuild my wardrobe pre Rona weight but I am getting there. I have a few things that I would love for Fall fashion this year and wanted to share.

Blazers – I used to be big on blazers a few years ago but strayed away from them. Blazers are such a timeless and classic piece that you should always have in your closet. I really would love a few to pop with an outfit for work or going out.

Jeans – This item is also such a classic piece that we wear just about everyday. I would love to explore different styles and cuts of jeans that would flatter my body and go with everyday wear.

Leather Jacket – I had one a few years ago and have no clue what happened to it. I loved that leather jacket so much because I was able to style it so many ways. I would love another close to that one I had.

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Jean Jacket – Listen I had a jean that I wore with about everything. I loved it for certain outfits at work and for going out. Somehow I left in range of my dog and it got destroyed! Ugh! I have been on the hunt for a new one but haven’t been so successful with finding one I love. I’m not keen on the long jeans jackets but they would look amazing with some pieces I have in my closet but would love another short one.

I also want to be expressive and daring with my fashion. I love to mix and match patterns, textures and so on but just need to build more.

I will do a follow up post when I grab most of the things on this list. What are some of your Fall Fashion must haves? Let’s chat!

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