What I Learned About Posting For 30 Days On Instagram

So last month I decided to post on my Instagram for 30 days straight again. I did this in June I believe and found it to be pretty successful because it prompted a paid sponsorship and gifted PR package. I didn’t gain many followers from that but wanted to try it again to see what would happen. I know a lot of us are really frustrated with IG because how it is trying to be like the other apps…cough cough TikTok. It is really forcing people to just post Reels and not pictures which is not cool with me. It takes a lot of time to film and edit videos and many of us do not have the time for that. Some of us want a place to post pictures and I love that some people are still doing that. IG needs to just stop and listen to its followers. We want to enjoy the app without the pressure of having to post videos all the time. We want to post our pictures and have them do as well.

I learned that I really need to change the way I post on social media and it is hard now to stand out. I feel like everyone I’ve been following lately has been shifting into other avenues and I haven’t. It is scary because I don’t know what to shift into. My main thing is my natural hair, why I started all this and I feel like the natural hair community is starting to be on its way out for some reason (I’ll have a blog post on that this month) but what else am I supposed to shift into? I know I need to roll with the changes and keep up with some trends but its really hard. I feel like I need to do better with editing, have better lighting, have more crispy, clear footage, hire a photographer so my pictures look better like it is a lot that goes through my head.

I honestly expected things to go better than they did but I am proud of myself for only missing one day of posting. It was weird that I actually lost followers this time around, I was at 947 and now at 939 which is crazy to me but its okay. I really wanted to hit my goal of having 1k followers by the end of the year but I’m not too sure about it. It just seems like I need to change the way I present my content and I have to follow and roll with the trends. I hate that I have this mindset that “I’m going to post what I want to post and I don’t have t follow these trends” but it seems like the only way to be successful is to do what everyone else is doing and for me, I like being myself and not doing what everyone else is doing.

Maybe I am just overthinking things, maybe not. I just feel like I took away so much more this time around than last time. I am thinking about how to switch things up and try to do things differently. I want to be successful and keep enjoying putting out content. I hate when I get in my head like this because it takes the fun out of creating content. I know I’ll get it together at some point and figure things out.

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