Am I Supposed To Shift Too??

This thought about shifting has been on my mind for a while you know me…when I have a thought, I need to blog about it. I am noticing how a lot of people are starting to shift the focus of their content lately and wondering about myself. Am I supposed to be shifting too?

I’ve noticed a few people have shifted from natural hair content to makeup, mommy bloggers, lifestyle, home content and so much more. I also noticed that a lot of people have been super receptive and supportive when people change their focus and direction for their platform. I’ve tried to shift to other things but my audience has not been so receptive to it which scares me. I want to be successful and not fail at trying to shift.

A notable shift is Jackie Aina. I’ve been following her for so long and just absolutely love how she shifted and changed her platform. She started out creating makeup tutorials, reviewing products, advocating for inclusion for women of color and creating a safe space for darker toned women in the influencer space to feel included, valued and recognized. She started shifting towards lifestyle and home content which we all have been loving and also started a candle business. Every once in a while she’ll post a short makeup tutorial or review beauty products but I feel Jackie’s shift has been amazing.

As for me, the reason why I started is because of my natural hair and the journey I was on with it. I still love trying out new products and demonstrating how they work for my hair but I also want to shift into other things but where?? I don’t think I’ll ever stray away from the natural hair content but I want to do more that will be well received and receptive to my audience. It just scares me that I want to shift but will my audience shift will me too or I’ll be starting over again?

Of course I’ll figure this out but I feel like I don’t want to stay in the same lane for too long. Do you need the need to shift as well? Let’s chat.

3 thoughts on “Am I Supposed To Shift Too??

  1. Hey Drea!! I hear you. I hope to try out some new ideas while continuing to share the posts that I really enjoy too. I’ll still hop over to visit even if you shift into other things. ❀

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