Day 7: Twist and Curl Tutorial

It has been a day for me lol. I woke up early this morning to finish filming this post and tomorrow’s post. I had every intention to finish editing and have this up before I left for work but it didn’t work out that way. My laptop decided to start acting funny so I would update it and had to leave before the update was done. I also had virtual parent/teacher conferences when I got home but it is all good. We had a good reports from my son’s teachers that he is doing so well and just a joy to have in the classroom which made the day so much better.

So here is how I achieve my now new signature style, twist and curl. I posted it on my IG before and everyone seemed to love it. I also received so many compliments out in public so I had to film the process. I’m not showing the whole wash day but just how I achieve the style and all the tips and tools you’ll need. Have you tried this style before? Let’s chat!

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