Uniqurl Review

We are in the home stretch of Blogtober and I’ll admit this has been a struggle. I started out wanting to have everything scheduled and ready to go but found myself posting the night before or scheduling posts for a few days ahead of time. I was doing well and only missed 2 days so far but I am proud of myself for still going. I know for the next time I do something like this, I will be better prepared.

Today’s post is a review on the products I used in my latest Youtube video that went live this past Friday. I kept seeing Uniqurl all over Instagram and when I saw they were having a sale, I jumped at the chance to try a couple products. I will tell you that nothing disappointed me at all! Uniqurl was created by Alexis Stanley. The website is currently down and I’ll get more information on the brand at a later time but let’s jump into the review!

2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo

Listen, I love a good multi use product and was really intrigued by this product. This saves time by gently cleansing away scalp and build up while conditioning and restoring moisture all at once. This did everything…I mean everything it claimed to do. I loved the gel consistency and a little bit goes a long way. It really left my hair feeling so clean and moisturized! It is amazing that you can shampoo and condition your hair with just one product!

2 in 1 Deep Conditioner

This another amazing multi use product that I really loved so much! I usually detangle my hair with conditioner then apply my deep conditioner afterwards (well of course after rinsing out the conditioner lol) but this is an all in one detangled and deep conditioner. This restores dry and thirsty strands while infusing strengthening proteins to prevent breakage and maximize length retention. It also melts away stubborn tangles with minimal effort. This really did detangle and deep condition my hair all in one product! I love how my hair felt super soft and moisturized after rinsing this out and how easy it was to detangle my hair as well.

4 in 1 Styler

Listen, I was a little skeptical about this product because a 4 in 1?? This is a leave in, curl cream, moisturizer and detangler all in one jar. I used this as my leave in and styler during wash day but I felt it did everything. A trick I learn with this, you can’t just use it once because your hair my feel dry. You have to apply it more than once, for example I used it when I applied my leave in and again when I was about to style my hair. I really loved how it gave my hair amazing definition and kept it moisturized and soft until next wash day.

Moisture Sealing Hair Oil

I alway love a good oil. I mainly use it to seal in the moisture and to help take down my hair. I love how I can use this oil for both purposes. This oil helps to lock in the moisture that is packed with penetrating oils to help the inside of your strands and attract moisture into your hair. It is so lightweight and smells amazing. It really does help with locking in the moisture and keeping hair moisturized.

I just love how sampled wash day is with only 4 products. It does make washing your hair so much easier and in a shorter amount of time. Uniqurl products are truly amazing and I highly recommend them. You shop for Uniqurl online and now in select Sally’s stores. Have you tried this brand before? Let’s chat!

3 thoughts on “Uniqurl Review

  1. This is another brand I want to try on my hair. I’ve seen other people talk about how good their products are. You always give the best reviews that are always helpful.

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