Taking A Step Back

The other day I realized that my blog turns 8 at the end of this month and I wasn’t excited about it. Usually I’m thinking of how I’m going to reflect over the past year and what I’m looking forward to but I wasn’t excited about any of it. I feel like I’m starting to lose interest in this and creating content. With the recent changes in social media, I feel like its making things harder for smaller creators and bloggers like myself to stand out and grow. I’ve been blogging and creating content for about 8 years and I’m not where I thought I would be. I just feel like I’m getting overwhelmed and just need to step away for a bit to clear my head and get it together. I’m still struggling with trying to maintain my household and being back to work full time. I don’t see myself fully stepping away for good but just need to figure some things out. Hope all is well with you and I’ll be back soon.

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