Home Body Book Review

My goal this year is to read about 10 books and I just finished another book(I think this is book #3). I was starting to read one that was on my list but I needed to take a break from it. I often dive into a poetry book even now and then for inspiration. If you are a blogger/writer/creator, I highly recommend reading a poetry book every once in a while. I learned this from a class I took a few years ago and it seriously has been a game changer. Anyway, let’s jump into this book review.

I have to say I absolutely love Rupi Kaur’s books. Milk And Honey was highly recommended to me and I just fell in love after finishing the book. I just love how her poems take you through different emotions and they all flow together. Home Body is her third book and I just love as much as the first two. I honestly could sit for hours and just read anything she writes. I honestly resonate with most of what she writes about. Some of her poems are only a few words or sentences long but the combination of words just hits you.

Out of majority of the poems that I loved, this one on page 143 really resonated with me:

don’t sleep on

the doormat of potential

waiting for things to happen

when you could be

the thing that happens

Listen, I can go on and on about this book but I highly recommend picking this up along with her other two books. I feel like you’ll be inspired and empowered in a way. What book are you currently reading right now? Let’s chat!

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