YouTube Friday’s: Drea Talks Episode 2 Creating Content

I actually feel more motivated and excited now to create these type of videos. Even though I am just talking to the camera, it feels like a conversation in a way. I feel like this particular topic will have a part 2 because I have way more things I could speak about when it comes to creating content.

In today’s YouTube video, I talk about how I got my start with blogging and a few things I’ve learned along my journey of blogging. The main points I shared was to just start the blog/channel or social media platform, always be yourself, define consistency for yourself and the importance of building a community instead of chasing followers. I’ve learned a lot of these lessons the hard way and I am thankful for them. I took the mistakes and frustrations, learned from them and they helped me to grow.

If you are a blogger/influencer/content creator like myself, what are some things you have learned throughout your journey? Let’s chat! Have a great weekend and see you guys Tuesday!

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