YouTube Friday’s: Drea Talks Episode 1: Redefining Self Care

I am unlearning the notion that fear controls things that I want to do. If there is an idea I have, I just need to put it out there and do it. I’ve wanted to start this series and put it off for months and the other day I had to tell myself to just start it. You never know what may come from this or who may benefit from it. So here is my new YouTube series, Drea Talks. This series will be somewhat spread out, whenever I have something to talk about you’ll see a video.

The thought of self care has been circulating in my thoughts lately. Practicing more self care/love is one of my goals for 2021 and it has been an afterthought lately. I’m running around doing so much and forgetting about myself. I’m not doing things for me, recharging and refueling myself. My thoughts of what self care is has started to shift and I’m trying to define what it looks like for me and how I can make it more of priority rather than an afterthought.

This definition of self care for myself is something to refuel yourself after pouring into others, recharging yourself, making you a priority and pouring back into yourself. You can’t run on empty, you can’t pour into others if you are not full, you should make taking care of you the main focus.

So how would you define self care? What does practicing self care look like for you? Let’s chat! Have a great weekend and see you guys Tuesday!

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