January Monthly Goals

In 2020, I am learning to take things slower and be more patient. I usually set some goals that I want to achieve over the year and then overwhelm myself trying to figure out how to achieve them all. I decided to break the goals up to make it easier on myself. There are some goals that take days, weeks, months and even the entire year to complete. I want to do better at reaching my goals and getting frustrated when I don’t have a plan to reach them.

Each month I going to post the goals I am looking to achieve and update the next month on how I made out with them. I feel this will help keep me accountable and remind myself not to slack on achieving these goals.

Create Blogging/Editing/Filming Schedule

Create New Youtube Banner

Create Youtube Intro

Create list of filming equipment needed

Practice posing for pictures and find angles

Create updated budget/savings goals

I feel more motivated to make these goals happen and celebrate when I can cross one off the list that I completed. Do you set monthly goals for yourself? See you guys tomorrow!

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