Black Owned Business Feature: Honey Bea Hive

Besides being a hoarder….I’m sorry collector of hair and makeup products, I love jewelry. I remember always going through my Mom and Grandmom’s jewelry boxes and trying everything on and accessorizing my outfits. As I got older, I grew to learn that jewelry could make or break an outfit and was honestly necessary. I love basing my outfits around a necklace or pair of earring I want to wear. Today’s Black Owned Business Feature is a company that will feed into my love for jewelry even more. Let’s check out Honey Bea Hive.

I discovered Honey Bea Hive when they did a collaboration with my favorite tea company (ya’ll should know who that is by now lol) and I thought the earrings were super cute. Once I started searching their site, I became obsessed and knew I was going to making more that one purchase. The earrings are just so cute and they have them for just about every season, holiday and occasion. They also have more than just earrings, you can shop for office supplies, hair accessories and necklaces. They are so unique and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Honey Bea Hive was created by Tanika Brooks who is a military wife and mother. I just love her creative vibe on this brand and just how unique her products are. I love the one of kind pieces that stand out and can pair so well with outfits in your closet. The quality of her jewelry is amazing and you will not be dissapointed.

You can find Honey Bea Hive right here and please go support! See you guys tomorrow!

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