Curlfest Recap: My First Year Attending

I have been trying to get to Curlfest for years and someone’s event always fell on the day it was being held. It was birthday, wedding, baby shower and so on. I kept hoping that one day I would be able to attend and this year I got the chance! I was so excited when I purchased my ticket and just couldn’t wait.

Curlfest to me is the celebration of natural hair, sisterhood and black girl magic. It is where you can be yourself and be free of judgment or people trying to touch your hair without permission or telling you that your hair looks better straight. I couldn’t wait to be around my fellow natural curl friends and celebrate our hair.

I talked to a few people that have attended before and they gave some really good tips about attending. It also helped to pay attention to the social media page of the event. They gave some really good tips on what to bring and what not to bring and how to navigate your way there. I think the number one thing was to get there early. I thought I was getting a head start but missed one of my trains so I was behind. By the time I got there, the lines were super long. It was hard to find the beginning or end of the line. I don’t think I waited in the line that long due to the level ticket that I had but felt bad for those who had the general admission tickets, that was the longest line.

Speaking of lines, I did spend most of my time during Curlfest in a line. I understand that there were a lot of people and you are going to wait but wow lol. I waited in line twice to receive my swag bag and it was a long one. It would of made it easier to give out those bags as we were coming into the festival so we didn’t have to keep waiting around and coming back to see if there were available. I saw that some people didn’t even receive their bag but I love how Curly Girl Collective responded quickly to the many complaints.

I loved all the variety of food truck options they had. You had everything from soul food, vegan, Caribbean, and seafood. There was something for everyone which was so accommodating. I had some curry chicken tacos with a side of plantains which was so good and filling. It also helped to be early because those lines for food became very long as people started to come in. I believe that you were able to bring your own food so I would suggest that. I also loved that there was a water refilling station if you brought a water container which was so needed in the Summer heat.

Curlfest was just a whole vibe and I honestly enjoyed myself. Yes it was so hot and crowded but I was just happy to even attend this year. I loved seeing all the beautiful natural hair, creative outfits, discovering new brands, catching up with some curl friends and just having a great day in the city. I can’t wait to attend next year.

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