Mental Health Check In, How Are You Really Doing?

You know when someone asks “How are you?”, the most common answer is “I’m fine” or “I’m okay” but how are you really doing? How is your spirit? How are you doing mentally? Are you more than okay or just fine or is it worse than that?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and last year on my other platform I opened up about my own story. It honestly terrified me but I felt a sigh of relief after the positive and encouraging feedback I received. When you deal with something like that, it is hard to talk to others about it or open up in fear of the reception. Are people going to judge you, look at you differently now, think you really are crazy and just need to get over it? You can read about it here:

I want to check in on you guys. How are you really doing? I want this platform to also be a place to talk and check in with each other. I really love my online community and appreciate all the love and support. I am here if you ever want to talk or vent or anything.

I have doing pretty well lately. The occasional stresses of work (which can be a high stress environment at times) balancing life and just maintaining. I have learned to take a step back when I start to feel too overwhelmed. I have learned to incorporate more quiet time everyday to clear my head and praying every morning to start my day off on a positive note. I am improving one day at a time and love the direction I am headed.

Hope you guys enjoy the holiday weekend and see you Wednesday!

Melanin HairCare Demo

I have been waiting to use these products lol! If you have been living under a rock, Whitney aka Naptural85 released Melanin HairCare earlier this year! Her YouTube videos helped me when I started on my natural hair journey and I was so excited for her! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these products lol!

She released a Twist Elongating Style Cream and Multi Use Pure Oil Blend along with other brand merchandise. I knew before I tried these products out that they were going to be amazing but watch the demo to hear my actual thoughts lol!

So that is it on the Melanin HairCare demo. Have you picked up any of the products yet? What were your thoughts? Comment below and let me know! If you are a mom reading this, hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day and see you guys Wednesday!

Shwaxx Hydro Butter Shampoo and Conditioner Demo/Review

You know, I really love doing these hair demos! I love trying out new products to see how they work with my hair and I just love hair products in general lol (well I am a hair product junkie).

I was excited when I saw Shwaxx was coming out with shampoo and conditioner! I already love their styling products and couldn’t wait to try them out! I only shampoo and condition my hair once a month and co-wash the other times during the month. I did wash my hair every week and now stretching it to washing my hair every other week. It has been working so far but I may go back to every week, not sure yet.

Hope you enjoy the hair demo and review!

So that is it for the Shwaxx review. I am really loving this company and their products so far, looking forward to what they may come out with next (maybe a co-wash lol). Have you tried anything by Shwaxx before? What products do you use to shampoo and condition your hair? Comment below and let me know. I will have another bonus post up tomorrow so see you guys Friday!

Sephora VIB Haul 2019

Three post this week? Whaaat?? Yes every once in a while I will throw up a bonus post and video on a Friday.

Today I am sharing what I picked up during the Sephora VIB sale. I didn’t go too crazy this time around but wanted to pick up some things I was running out of or wanted to try.

So that is it for my Sephora haul. What did you pick up this year? Comment below and let me know. Have a great weekend and see you guys Wednesday!