Vlogmas Day 22: 2023 Creator Goals

Just realized I forgot to share a few days of Vlogmas with you guys. I’ll link them in a separate posts but we are in the home stretch of Vlogmas 2022. I had fun doing this but I am tired lol. I may take next week off from filming or editing any videos…maybe but I’m glad I did this. I really enjoyed it and hopefully you guys did too. I want to try something different with my 2023 goals and do a video version of them. There are people who like more visual posts or don’t really read blogs. I wanted to share my 2023 goals on here and YouTube.

I thought about my content and what I want achieve and improve on for 2023. I have eight goals I want to work on for next year and it may seems like a lot but I know I can achieve them. The main thing I want to do is grow and improve my quality of content. I let fear get in the way all this time and I just need to do and try new things. So here are the goals I set for myself and I’ll do a more in depth blog post soon.

2023 Creator Goals

Collaborate More With Other Creators

Collaborate/Pitch To Brands

New Camera

Grow On All Social Media Platforms

Learn New Techniques for Filming and Editing

Being More Engaging

Try New Things

Having A Schedule For Filming, Editing, etc

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