Day 1: First Impressions

Welcome to 25 Days of Tutorials… version of Vlogmas lol. I am really excited about this and the content I’ll be creating this month! In today’s tutorial, I am sharing my thoughts and first impressions on a few beauty products I picked up recently. Some of these products are pretty new and some are just new to me but I am also curious when I see certain products in the store. I did pick up a few things from ELF Cosmetics and Maybelline. I love both of these brands, they have the best high quality and affordable products that are always in my makeup stash. I’m going to review each product I used and link the tutorial towards the end of this post. Let’s jump into these reviews.

ELF Cosmetics Putty Eye Primer in Rose

I think this was one of the first products I noticed in Ulta that I was really curious about. This primer is an extension of ELF’s popular putty face primer (which I have and love). This primer helps to keep your eyeshadow in place for 12 hours without creasing or smudging. I have oily eyelids at times so I was excited to put this to the test and it did everything it claimed to do! Now at first when I opened the primer, I thought it was dried out by the look of it but it applied so smooth and blended out really nice. It did keep my shadow in place for about 12 hours with no creasing or anything! I was really impressed and will have this primer in rotation!

ELF Cosmetics Putty Bronzer in Golden Daze

I saw this next to the primer and figured why not lol. It was hard to tell what shade would be best for me because of the packaging but I ended up picking up the wrong color! Ugh! I was so disappointed because I was really ecstatic to try a cream based bronzer. I do love the concept of it and it seems really easy to work with blend out. I’ll have to go back and pick up a darker shade so I can really review this.

Maybelline Express Brow 2 in 1 Pencil and Powder in Deep Brown

I randomly found this in my stash and decided to give it a try since I ran out of my L’oreal brow pencil. I don’t think I’ve tried any of Maybelline’s brow products but I really like this one. The only thing is that it does not have a spoolie (thank goodness I have a spare one lol) but I love how it shaped and defined my brows. This shade of brown was perfect for me and I just love it. I did not use the powder side but will try it soon.

ELF Cosmetics Bite Size Face Duo in Coconut

This was an impulse Target buy but I’m glad I pick this up. I love this concept of the bite size products for those who don’t like having big, bulky packing or want something that is travel friendly. This duo is a highlight and blush and I though it was a bronzer at first lol. I love the shade of this blush, it is the perfect brown to give a kiss of color to my complexion. I would probably use this as an eyeshadow and maybe a bronzer. I love the color of this highlight! It is so beautiful and golden. The only thing is that it is really glittery so you have to be careful when applying it. I had some fall out of glitter all over my face but it was okay.

Maybelline Super Stay Ink Crayon in On The Grind

I love trying out new lip products and this caught my eye one day at Target. It has been a while since I used a product like this and I love it. I thought the shade of this would match the outside packaging but it was a bit lighter which wasn’t too bad. I love how smooth and moisturizing this felt on the lips and it stayed put for majority of the day. I am interested in picking up a few more shades in the ink crayon, I really love it!

I guess you can tell that I loved everything lol. Hopefully I can find a darker shade in the bronzer but I would highly recommend everything mentioned. Have you tried anything mentioned in today’s post? Any new makeup products you are currently loving? Let’s chat! See you guys tomorrow!

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