1st Quarter Goal Update

Wow we really got through the 1st quarter of 2021. The past couple months have been pretty interesting but no complaints here. I decided to do these quarterly goal posts instead of monthly to give myself time to complete and get through the tasks. I felt better about working through each goal instead of trying to rush and half ass completing something. I feel like I did so good within the first quarter. Let’s recap!

Create Budget/Savings Plan : This was one of the first things I did. I want to really work hard towards my goal of being more financially stable and I knew this was the start of it. There have been a few challenges with sticking to the budget(cough cough weekly trips to Target) but I’ve been doing pretty well and also saving too. I know this is something I’ll have to constantly keep working on but I’m glad for taking these first steps.

Create Mantra/Affirmation Board: This was so easy and fun to do. I used some of the leftover supplies from when I created my vision board and I have it in a place where I see it everyday and recite them. I don’t recite them everyday but I make sure I don’t go too long without doing so.

Research Friendship Character Traits: This was something that I put off for a while and honestly didn’t want to deal with. I knew I had to deal with this at some point and I did. It was interesting all the information I found online about friendships and character traits. I figured out what I wanted in a friend/friendship and want I didn’t want. This is something I’ll still be working on but off to a good start.

Switch Banks: I haven’t switched yet as I am still doing my research but hopefully will doing so very soon!

In The Groove Of Practicing Self Care/Love: Now this is something that I have been putting off for a while. I set out to do something for myself everyday and it turned into whenever I have the time or make time for it. It has been hard with my son at home doing school remotely and not having the time for myself. I just put everything else first and forgot about me which I can’t keep doing. I plan on working more on this next quarter.

Organized House: This was fun to do with multiple trips to Target and the Home Goods/Sense stores lol. I do have majority of the house organized except for the garage. It was just too cold to be working in there but I plan on it soon since the warmer weather is just about here.

Friendship List On Myself: This was another thing I was putting off doing and I seriously needed to. It was hard to realize how my flaws really outweigh my good friendship traits. I was pretty shocked but I know this is something I really need to work on and deal with. I do have plans for next quarter for working on this.

Finish 1-2 Books: I was so excited when I complete this one! I read The Subtle Art of Giving a F*ck and Girl Gurl Grrrl which I have reviews on currently. I did start reading Everything Is F*cked but it became a little too overwhelming and will come back to soon. I am looking forward to reading more books next quarter. Hopefully I can get through more than two.

I already have my next set of goals ready to go and I’m excited. I know this year I’ll be successful with accomplishing my goals and making changes. See you guys Friday!

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