May Goal Update

Is it me or is time flying by too fast? Next week is June and it will be Summer again before we know it. I am still keeping myself in the house despite things opening up. I’m still apprehensive about all of this and and unknown of this virus. I don’t even know if my son will be going to Summer camp this year. I know he’ll be a little heartbroken if he doesn’t because he loves camp so much. 2020 is hitting differently than we expected it too lol.

Anyway, I set some goals for this month and sharing how I made out with them. How did I do? You have to keep reading to find out!

Draft/Create Logo

This was actually pretty easy to do on Canva. Sidenote: if you don’t use Canva, you are missing out. You can create so many things on there! Anyway, it took a bit one night to find the right one but I love this logo so much and proud of it.

New Profile Pictures For Social Media

This was another easy win for this month. One of my former co-workers and good friends has a side hobby of photography and we got together one day to shoot some pictures. I didn’t post them for a while but love them. It was honestly time to update all my pictures but after Rona, looking forward to working with him again, super talented. If you are on IG, please follow him at elakephotos.

Apply Tips/Tricks Researched About LinkedIn

So about this one…yea. I honestly didn’t get to this one yet. I’ve been so focused on other things that this was put off. I know I want to take a new profile picture but my hair has to be right and I have to be cute lol. I will get to this very soon lol.

Keep Researching Final Cut Pro

I don’t know why I keep somewhat forcing myself to do this. I have no clue what intimidates me about this editing software but I keep putting this one off as well. I have logged in, looked around, created a little intro and that’s about it. I’ve tried to look at tutorials online and stuff but I need to be in the right mental to do so.

I have to say I was pretty successful with my goals this month and there are some I need to work on. You can’t win every battle but its good to win some. What goals did you have for this month? Did you accomplish them? Let me know how you made out this month!

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