Shopping My Beauty Samples

Well it has been an interesting couple of days. We had a crazy storm hit our area and we lost power but so thankful to have the electricity working again. We often take those things for granted and I am just thankful.

Today I bringing you guys a series I started on my previous platform. I was subscribed to a few beauty boxes a while ago and thought of the idea to test out the samples I received and review them. I’m not subscribed to any boxes right now but still have a lot of samples to go through. I will attempt to bring this series to the blog at least once a month if I remember to use some of the samples lol. Let’s jump in to the reviews!

TXTR by Cantu Strengthen and Restore Moisture Mask

Box It Came From: Favs! by Ms Vaughn

Full Size or Sample Size: Full Size

Price Point: 9.99

Review: You guys know I am a hair mask junkie. If it makes my hair feel super soft and my curls are popping, it is a hit with me. I really enjoyed using this mask. I haven’t used products by Cantu in a long time and this seems like it is pretty new. I loved the thick, silky texture and the scent. It left my hair feeling really soft and moisturized. I would repurchase this again.

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil

Box It Came From: Cocotique

Full Size or Sample Size: Full Size

Price Point: 9.99

Review: I was so curious to see how this oil would work with my hair and if it would help with growth at all. I honestly used this oil to seal in the moisture after washing out my deep conditioner or to take down twists. I love the smell of this oil, it should be a candle lol. I also love how it does not sit on your hair, it really absorbs and it is not greasy at all. This oil can also be used for a hot oil treatment which I plan on trying soon. I would repurchase this oil.

Luxie Tapered Highlighter #522

Box It Came From: Onyx Box

Full Size or Sample Size: Full Size

Price Point: 24.00

Review: I also really love makeup brushes as well if you didn’t know. I have backups of a lot of my brushes because I don’t wash them right away and you can never have too many lol. I love the quality of Luxie brushes. They are pretty durable and are just amazing. I love this highlight brush. It so soft and fluffy, just perfect applying your highlight. The price can seem to be a bit much but with brushes that are going to last for a while, it makes sense and I would repurchase.

Pacifica Sparkling Star Passionfruit Perfume Roll On

Box It Came From: Wholefoods Favs

Full Size or Sample Size: Full Size

Price Point: 12.00

Review: The scent of this roll on is just so amazing, I am obsessed! It is like a sweet scent but it is not too sweet and overpowering. The packaging describes this scent as bubbly, bright passionfruit and flowers kiss a resinous warm, sugared heart. It is perfect for the warmer months or you can wear year round if you like. I will definitely be repurchasing this!

Miss Spa Multi Task Face Masks

Box It Came From: Cocotique

Full Size or Sample Size

Price Point: 3.00 (for one)

Review: This facial mask came in a set of 3 for multi tasking. One is for detoxifying, one is for moisture and the one I am reviewing now is for purifying. You can use each mask for different areas of your face but I opted to use them one at a time. I have large pores on my nose and that surrounding area and I have an oily t-zone. This mask was pretty easy to use and you get more than one use out it as well. It does get a bit tight on your face as it dries but I still noticed my pores on my nose after rinsing it off. The rest of my face felt pretty good but I don’t think I would repurchase this.

Overall everything but the facial mask would be a repurchase. Let me know if you tried any of these products and let me know some of your favorites. See you guys tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Shopping My Beauty Samples

  1. I also may pick up that tropic isle living hair oil. Glad y’all power came back on. Weather storms are scary. A house was struck by lighting in my state last week or so.

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