Is Self Care Needed More Than One Day A Week?

I’ll admit, I forget about myself often to the point where I am about to have a meltdown. I work in a pretty stressful environment full time, a full time working mom who hears “Mom” like a million times a day, a wife, side hustle with this Naturalle Drea and so much more. I am always working on something or doing something and it can just be so easy to forget to take care of myself. My mind is always running a million miles a minute trying to focus on work, keeping my household together, remembering to do something, filming and creating content. I am trying to practice more self care but should it be limited to just one day a week?

I see a lot of people dedicating one specific day to self care like #SelfCareSunday on Instagram. I don’t see anything wrong with that but what happens when you step in the door to work on Monday morning and that stress free feeling leaves? Everyone’s life is not the same, there are people who don’t have children or have high stress work environments but what about those who do? I feel you need more than one day of self care help.

I am still learning about what self care is but it is defined as the practice of taking action to preserve one’s own health. I know for a fact that being stressed out almost everyday is not good for your health. It really does take a toll on you and when you have those high stress environments, you really need some self care daily to help you unwind and relax.

Self Care can be so many things like treating yourself to a mani and pedi, a trip to Sephora, at home spa day and so much more. Self Care can also be things not beauty related like reading, journaling, exercising and etc. I try to start my day with some quiet time and prayer. It helps to put me in positive space before the day starts. If you are not religious or pray, you can meditate or sit in silence for a few minutes.

Hopefully there are more good than bad days but for those crazy stressful days, you may need a little more T.L.C. to help you destress. I like to unwind with some of my favorite shows. It helps me not think about the crazy day I had and I get caught up in a fictional world. I also enjoy a glass (maybe more than one) my favorite wine or some calming tea. I also write for 15 minutes a day(not everyday but I’ll say weekly lol) to help clear my head and get all those negative thoughts out. I am not so consistent everyday with everything but I at least do something self care related.

I just feel that self care shouldn’t be limited to just one day. Again, it may be different for some people that need only a day or others may need to practice self care daily. I am one of those who need some kind of daily self care. I just wanted to encourage you to try daily self care to see if it helps or improves your mood.

How do you practice self care? Is it once a week, daily or monthly? Comment below and let me know. Have a great weekend and see you guys Wednesday!

Black Owned Business Feature: Bask And Bloom

I am still wondering where the weather is lol. I think it was like this last year where Winter was extended but I am not going to complain, I know the weather will come around eventually…well I hope soon. Today’s Black Owned Business feature is Bask And Bloom.

** My attempt at flat lay, what do you think??**

Bask and Bloom was created by Candera Thompson in 2012 after looking for a remedy for breakage and dry hair that she was experiencing at the time. Fueled by her love for at home remedies and herbal tea, she researched about hair products that had those non toxic, natural ingredients to create her own brand. The first two products that started Bask and Bloom were the More Moisture Cream (one of my favorites) and the Stimulating Herbal Oil. The brand has expanded to include more hair products as well as skincare products.

I love that I can read all the ingredients and know what they are and the amazing benefits for my hair and skin. It is a part of the company’s mission to help promote healthier hair and skin with trusted ingredients.

I believe I discovered Bask And Bloom on Instagram (I think that is where is discover a lot of Black Owned Businesses lol) and just fell in love with the products as soon as I used them. My absolute favorite is the Brahmi Root Hair Masque.

I don’t think I would pick up another hair masque after this one just blew my mind. My hair was super moisturized, pillowy soft and just easy to manage. I just couldn’t get over how my hair felt! The products work so well together to keep your hair hydrated, moisturized and healthy.

I am fortunate to be a brand ambassador for this company during the Winter/Spring season. I love how Candera is taking the time to teach us things about the owning a business, being a black owned business and how we can be better influencers. I really appreciate the information I am learning.

I am just going to tell you to head over to their site now and pick up a few products, you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t know where to start, I recommend picking up the hair masque, More Moisture Cream and Rhassoul and Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar. You can find them right here

Have you tried anything from Bask and Bloom? What are some of you favorites? Let me know some of your favorite hair products. Comment below and see you guys Thursday!

Women’s HERstory Luncheon NYC

I am not sure if Mother Nature is confused but it is not Winter anymore, it is officially Spring lol. It is supposed to warm up this weekend and I hope that the warm weather is here to stay.

Last Saturday, I attended the Women’s HERstory Luncheon with one of my best friends in NY. I heard about the event from one of the featured speakers that I know and thought it would be a great event to attend.

This event was created by Elle Johnson and Ebony Cattouse-Stewart and this was the 3rd annual luncheon. I love how this event was right in the middle of Women’s History month and was created to bring women together to share their stories, network and empower each other. I find it important to get out to these event and meet other like minded women. You can’t sit behind your computer blogging, you have to get out and network. I have met so many amazing women just being present.

I always love when I can come to into the city and visit. I loved the intimate vibe of the event so it made it easier to talk with others. The venue was super cute and I just loved the atmosphere.

We started off getting settled and getting to know who was at our tables. We were able to eat lunch, mingle, do a little shopping before the program started. I loved that two Black Owned Businesses(Marie’s Halo who sells candles that smell amazing and Trade Street Jam Co who sells these vegan, low sugar jams that taste so good!) were at the event and I made sure to support them both.

The program started out with a welcome from the founders and introduction of our speakers. (I have a IG highlight on the event on my profile with a few snippets of the speakers) One of the reasons I attended this event was because of Shinese Brathwaite of BK Girls Night Out. I previously attended one of her events and we have been in contact ever since. She spoke about how she got started with her Think Pink Events which will be celebrating 5 years this year and how she is educating everyone on the culture of Brooklyn. I love how she just stepped out and had her first event in her home and it just grew from there. You can’t be afraid to take those risks because you never know the opportunities that will present themselves. Shinese also made a good point about having the right tribe around you and how they should be able to tell you the truth about yourself.

The next speaker was another reason I wanted to attend, Rana Campbell from my favorite podcast Dreams In Drive. It was great to finally meet her in person and she was so sweet and welcoming. She really gave us the tools on being successful in putting your dreams in drive and how to utilize marketing. I feel that I overlook how much marketing is an important part of what you do if it is blogging, being an influencer podcasting or an entrepreneur. I highly recommend listening to her podcast, I get inspired every time I listen.

The last speaker was Chamar Logan who warmly greeted everyone as they entered the venue. She had such about a powerful testimony about how she overcame some difficult obstacles when everyone was telling her stop and doubted her. She made it clear to live in your purpose and don’t be afraid to ask for help. She stressed the importance to have faith in something, no matter what higher power you believe in, you just need to have faith.

After our speakers finished, there was a little Q&A sessions and we were free to continue mingling and shopping. I love when events are smaller and more intimate so you have the chance to really talk with everyone and it is not so crowded and rushed.

I really enjoyed attending this event and took away so much. I walked away feeling more empowered and having more of a clear vision of my brand. I love being around strong, boss women who are not afraid to give you the tools that helped them become successful. I will definitely be attending next year and encourage you to as well.

Hope you guys have a great weekend and see you Wednesday!

On A Personal Note…

Hey guys, it is me…the girl behind Naturalle Drea that has been hiding behind these other posts lol! It has been a while since I updated you guys on life and just everything.

2019 has started out pretty interesting for me. I set some goals I wanted to accomplish during the year and realized a couple months in that they were not realistic for me. I’m not sure what state of mind I was in but I am glad I changed direction.

I have really been struggling with my time management and breaking some bad habits. As you know, I am notorious for waking up late and scrambling around like a crazy person. It doesn’t help when you have a seven year old who sometimes gives me a hard time in the morning and never knows where his shoes are ironically lol. It is not a good way to start the day. I read online somewhere that it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. I wonder how true that is so I am attempting to create a habit of having a morning routine. I know it is going to be a little hard at first but if I keep going, I know it will work out for the best.

I was excited when I was chosen to become one of the Winter/Spring ambassador for Bask And Bloom. You have seen some reviews and tutorials on their products (which are amazing by the way lol). I took a chance when they posted about looking for ambassadors and honestly thought that I wouldn’t be chosen. I know I shouldn’t doubt myself like that but I know that the work I have been doing has paid off. I am just so grateful for the opportunity and hope this opens more doors for me. I just love creating content, especially hair videos.

I am also working on being fearless and stepping out on faith. I have a tendency to be in my own way and self sabotage. I was tired of holding myself back from opportunities and just being scared to do things. I had the thought of of creating a newsletter for a long time but was scared that no one would subscribe or read it. I keep reading and hearing about being in contact with your audience outside of social media. I had conformation after that day Instagram and Facebook went down. What if social media disappeared? I am launching my newsletter next month and so happy that I have people who subscribed! I am nervous about keep their attention and putting out good content.

Life has thrown its usual ups and downs but I am rolling with it. Everyday is not perfect but I can only learn from the lessons I am given. I am working on not being so overwhelmed and not taking on so much. I do feel myself creeping back into that sometimes but I take a step back and regroup. It is so easy to start thinking about so many things and get overwhelmed and then…stress. I am still a work in progress and happy about the direction I am going in.

How is everything going for you guys? How has 2019 been treating you? See you guys tomorrow!