Stop Sleeping On Yourself…You’re Dope

This week has been kinda rough and I’m just ready for the weekend to start. I did have another post planned for today but didn’t prepare for it or take the pictures ahead of time like I wanted to. I want to start incorporating more fashion related posts on here but you know life happens. It has been a rough week with distant learning with my son and I’ve been busy doing what I do( in full Mom and Wife mode lol) and I finally tackled that spare bedroom that was housing all the junk and extra stuff that we had no room for lol. It has been a lot but wanted to jump on with some encouragement.

I saw this floating around on Twitter or IG not sure but it really stopped me in my tracks. The post just came for me and I am so guilty of doing a lot of this. I posted this on my IG yesterday and it just had me really thinking about things.

I have been in this chapter of sleeping on myself for way too long. I constantly doubt myself and my abilities because of again looking at others. I honestly feel like once I said I was into creating content just for fun, that I didn’t care about the numbers and analytics or trying to strive for a swipe up feature, I feel like an outcast or something because I’m not doing this to secure brand sponsorships and money. I just noticed that some of the people that would normally interact with me, like my posts don’t as much anymore and it doesn’t feel organic anymore. It seems like some go on a liking spree to catch up on things I’ve posted after I’ve interacted with their content which seems odd. I mean don’t get me wrong, if I brand approaches me and wants to pay me, I’m not turning it down lol. I’m not that crazy but I just feel like I’m not being paid much attention to anymore and that’s okay. As long as I keep doing this my way, for fun and authentically it shouldn’t bother me much anymore. As long as I reach and inspire someone, I am okay with that.

Anyway, I got away from my point lol but I felt like I have been sleeping on myself for way too long. I know I’m dope and I can create some amazing things. I know my potential but at times I get intimidated by others. I’ve seen some really creative editing, videos, reels that do so well and I’m just like “Wow, wish I could do that” or “I doubt if I even do that, I’ll have that many views or likes”. I can’t continue to doubt myself anymore. You never know unless you just do it. I know easier said than done but stop doubting yourself.

You can do anything you put your mind and energy into. You are amazing, you are dope, you are creative and you can do this. Stop sleeping on yourself and your abilities. I need to keep telling myself this as well but want to encourage those who read this. See you guys tomorrow.

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