WFH Tips I’ve Learned

Working From Home (WFH) is new to a lot of people including myself. I’ve only worked from home a handful of times when the weather was bad and unable to commute to the office. I enjoyed that short amount of time I got to work from home and wanted more of it. Well, I basically got what I asked for and more lol.

This is has been an adjustment for all of us and some are dealing with it better than others. I have to say that working from home was more of a challenge than I thought. I struggled the first few weeks to manage the demands of my job along with being a newly appointed teacher, it was a lot. As the time went on, I think we got into the groove of our new normal at home and wanted to share some tips with you.

Stick To Your Normal Morning Schedule/Routine

This was one of the biggest struggles and the root of the challenges that I was facing to conform to working from home. I love sleeping in, I am not much of an early person and I thought this was the chance to sleep later, roll out of bed, go to work and have the rest of the day. I figured I didn’t have to adhere to my “normal” morning routine because there was no real commute involved.

You want to keep things as normal as possible to make your day run smooth like if you were going into the office. I start my day getting up about 2 hours before my shift, get showered, dressed, have some quiet time with coffee and set up for the day. I have more success with my day following my normal routine versus when I don’t follow it.

Keep Track Of Your Daily Tasks

I know a lot of people stopped using their planners cause this year has been a bust but I find it helpful to keep making your daily to do’s and tasks that you have to complete each day. I make a separate one for work and one for home. It helps me to stay focused and stay on track with what I have to do everyday and it has made my days so much easier.

Work Somewhere Comfortable And Where You Can Focus

I wish I had a home office with a desk and supplies to effectively work from home but I don’t. I think a lot of people have turned their dining room or kitchen tables into workstations. My husband and son set up shop at the dining room table but I have claimed the couch lol. I receive a pretty large volume of calls and have to make as many calls during the day and don’t want to interrupt or distract them.

The couch is very comfortable and near the window so I have lots of sunlight to keep me awake and focused. I get up to stretch every so often and take push up breaks with the family. I go to another area of the house to take my lunch and relax. At some point I’ll establish a more defined office but the comfy couch will work for now.

Attempt To Get Dressed Everyday

As much as I like dressing up, I am a sweat pants and sweat shirt girl. If I could wear them everyday, I would and actually do now lol. It may be so easy to just stay in your pajamas all day or throw on the same sweats everyday but it helps to put on a fresh set of clothes everyday to keep things normal. It can hard because you aren’t going anywhere but it helps.

**Bonus for the parents..Set A Schedule and Expectations For Your Kid(s)**

I know many of my followers are not parents but for those who are, I feel your pain lol. This is difficult for a lot of us but we will get through it. As I stated earlier, I was struggling with keeping things together and myself sane. I know that I can’t just sit my son in front of the computer by himself and expect him to do his work independently. He is still learning and needs guidance. He is going to need help with his work and will have questions about problems he doesn’t understand.

Yes his teacher is accessible when needed but it is mainly us guiding him and assisting with school. I have learned to set the expectations each day and a schedule. I wake up before him, log in and write down the subjects he has for the day. He crosses things off the list as he completes and can go about his day afterwards.

Hopefully some of these WFH tips helped you or gave you some inspirations to help structure your day. We will get through this. Do you have any tips for working from home?

4 thoughts on “WFH Tips I’ve Learned

  1. I used to looovee commuting to work because I love the city of Chicago and where I worked was right on magnificent mile. Then I got tired of the commute -it was 1hr there and 1 he back and that begin to get tiring. We finally got to work from home but the kids where in school then. Now I’m a full time entrepreneur, no longer working for corporate – a teacher to 2 school age kids and it’s been kind of rough. I’m NOT a morning person but I rather get up early (unless I stay up late) to get the ball rolling so I can get done, put the kids to bed, spend tome with hubby if he isn’t working, binge watch my shoes or watch 9th Wonder on IG live DJ good music. My routine is kinda meh, but it works.

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