Welcome To Blogmas 2019

I remember in 2017 when I did Vlogams on my YouTube channel and it was a lot lol. Hats off to those who film, edit and put up videos for 25 days straight because it was a struggle for me. I’m sorry, if you don’t know what Vlogams is. It occurs every December where most Youtubers and Content creators record and share videos everyday until Christmas. I didn’t have too much going on at the time and thought it was pretty boring so I left the Vlogmas alone after that. I’m not sure if I would do it again but you never know.

I had a random thought to blog everyday until Christmas which is pretty doable. I have some content and reviews that I never got around to and there will be some videos going up on my channel as well. Along with talking about natural hair, makeup, beauty there will be some life updates and inspirational posts along with a self reflection of 2019.

So hopefully you check back everyday for a new post and I appreciate you in advanced. I’ll have a set time figured out because on my normal posting days, they will go up at 11am EST but may push the time back for now to be consistent.

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