Is There Such Thing As Blogger Etiquette??

I attempt to write daily to practice and this has just been on my mind. I’ve been blogging for about 5 years, going on 6 in August and always wondered if there was blogger etiquette. I taught myself about blogging and learned things from others along the way but I just feel like there is some kind of etiquette that goes along with blogging. I would think or maybe….

I think that everyone has their own rules for blogging, there isn’t a set of rules or unwritten rules somewhere. I tried doing some research and it was just many blog posts with opinions about blogger etiquette. There may be some bloggers out there that don’t think that etiquette or rules are necessary for blogging but I honestly think that there should be. Again, I’m no expert and a self taught blogger so don’t quote me on this lol.

Respond when someone comments on your post

I feel like this is known rule. The whole point is to interact with your readers and engage with them. You want them to come back don’t you?

I think it is only right that you respond when there are comments on your posts. I am a little notorious for answering a few days late but I always answer. I always thank my reader for stopping by and give a response to their comment. There have been times when I commented under some bloggers posts and there is no response back. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt if they have a schedule on when they respond to comments or received a ton but I notice if it happens multiple times. To me it seems like you don’t want to engage and I honestly wouldn’t visit again.

Is there such thing as commenting too much?

This brings me to a reason why people stop responding to my comments, I do too much. If I really like what you are writing about or video content, I want to post a comment about how much I like it or just being supportive. Can you over comment? Can you comment one too many times? Is there a rule for this? Sometimes I do feel like I over comment but at the same time I’m trying to be supportive. I’m conflicted on this one lol.

If you have someone who is always commenting or supporting, visit their blog and leave a comment

This is a tricky one because I feel this is something I think should be happening. You can’t make someone comment or visit your blog if they don’t want to. I feel as if I’m commenting on your posts and liking them, you should at least visit my site and leave a comment or like back. Again I try to give people the benefit of the doubt if they don’t know what to comment because it doesn’t relate to them or they have thousands of followers.

I just feel in the blogger community, we should all be supportive of each other and help each other out. I’m not sure if the number of comments help your analytics but if they do, we should be leaving each other comments every once in a while. I’ve had some fellow bloggers who’s content I really liked and commented often and there was no reciprocation from them. I could be making this to be something it is not but I just feel like once in a blue moon leave a comment or something.

I could only think of these couple of etiquette rules but I’m sure I will think of some more lol. Do you agree with there being blogger etiquette? If so, what are some rules you can add or follow? Comment below and let me know. See you guys next week!

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